Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ride more, write less...

At the end of the school vacation week back in April, I began commuting to school via bike.  This is not a new thing as all the kids know Ms. H rides her bike and I often hear, "I saw you riding your bike over the weekend..." from various kids.

My weekly 20 mile rides are pretty much through a combination of traffic and along familiar bike paths.  Soon I plan to branch out to different bike paths and try some group rides.  I have these long poetic thoughts I mean to record when I'm out riding, but then life gets in the way and I figure it's enough that I rode.

Fundraising has been slow as I have been pretty busy.  One thing I have discovered is that people like my little ocotopi guys that I crochet.  I'm going to write up the pattern, have someone test it for me to see if it can be followed and then put it up on places like ravelry, craftsy and a few other sites as a fundraiser.  I'll also ask a couple of local yarn stores to carry it as well for me as a fundraiser and maybe see if they'll let me run a workshop.

Over the next few days I'm going to design a couple of flyers I can hang up around town.

Perhaps I can wax poetic after the next ride, which should be a 30 miler.  Right now I just need some coffee to get started after I feed the cats.  Why they don't understand sleeping in on a Sunday morning, I just can't comprehend.