Sunday, April 14, 2013

Just a quick ride....

It was gray and spitting rain this morning when I thought, I'll just get a quick ride in.

Hopping on Gigi, we headed in a different direction than usual, up the river instead of down it.  Unfortunately, the path gets a little wonky a few miles up river, so we rode back down river.  Initially the thought was, just to Watertown Square.  Watertown Square turned into the Arsenal Street which turned into the Marsh Post,  Harvard Square and finally at Western Ave, I turned around and rode back up the river.  My quick ride turned into 20 miles and feeling like I still had plenty of gas in the tank had I wanted to ride even further if I had the time today.

Gigi's new seat needs a bit of adjusting and her right brake handle needs to be turned out a little.  Some levers on the top of the brakes would be nice but I really do need to learn to ride using the drops on the handle bars.  A rack on the back would be kind of nice too so I could have a place to keep a lock when I'm riding and know I can stop on a longer ride if I want.

I think I'm finally getting the dressing thing right.  I went out with long sleeves and capris and the wrap skirt and all worked well.  I'll order a Tri skirt from running skirts that will fit over the bike shorts because, well, a girl needs a little style out there now doesn't she?

The other day I bought an LED light for my shoe at the Boston Marathon expo and will look to pick up a good one for the bike as well.  But for now, I'm going to go have a yogurt and chill before my date with my husband this afternoon to avoid my son's band practice.

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