Friday, March 29, 2013

Another day, another ride

So the other day I went out for my first ride in a bike skort and short sleeves.  When the wind came up off the river, I realized I should have worn tights and long sleeves.  Today, the temperatures were about the same, so I wore tights and long sleeves under my skort and shirt and realized I could have gone with capris and no long sleeves.

I suppose eventually I'll get this right.

I did pick up a pair of cycling gloves after lots of different people told me that I would need them.  I went with something that fit and seemed reasonable. I would say that it was pretty reasonable given how they felt on my 12 mile ride today.

Things I have now figured out, I can now ride to the Harvard Stadium November Project workouts.  It's a pleasant ride along the river to Harvard and it will be good for me.  In fact, I figured out that I really enjoy riding along the river but that I tend to ride slower than if I were in traffic, so I'm going to need to figure out some different rides.  I have also figured out that I am scared of hills right now and need to start thinking of how to attack them comfortably.

While there is that piece of me that says, "Cut yourself some slack, this is about getting some mileage on your legs," there is also that piece of me that says comfort is not something I should be comfortable with in the long run.

Next step is finding myself a decent road bike for a reasonable price.  I don't have $800+ for a second bike and rentals aren't cheap.  I wish the frame of my husband's old bike wasn't too big for me because I would spend the couple hundred bucks to have it rebuilt and use that.  I know I'm creative and I'll figure something out.  Perhaps I'll take a trip over to Bikes not Bombs and see what they have in stock. Until then, I'll take Bikey out for my training rides... who knows, maybe he will end up going the distance.  We shall see.

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  1. I love my bike gloves if only becuase they make me feel BAD ASS! In real life, the longer you ride, the happier you'll be you have them.